Sunday 13 June 2010

A lot can happen in eight or nine days...

So much to reflect upon after the past few days. My first 'official' week in Cowal and Bute has been varied and full - yet also embryonic and not-yet-engaged! In nine days I've visited Rothesay four times, Tighnabruaich once and done all sorts in Dunoon. The General Synod has happened (which I don't (yet) go to) with representation from one of our congregations.

The Kyles of Bute - the weekly commute!

I've presided/celebrated four times, all blue book (1982) liturgy. Which of course is all new to me, having trained and ministered south of the border! It is familiar, from Clarkston days, but still requires attention for the differences (spot the missing filoque clause, etc.!)

Being where I am, there is not a particularly strong Episcopalian presence close to me. I think Roy, in Lochgilphead, is probably my nearest diocesan neighbour. Drew in Greenock (who I have still to meet in the flesh) may be the closest geographically, over the water! The local Church of Scotland ministers and Roman priests seem to be a friendly bunch, both on Bute and in Dunoon. There seems to be comfortable blurring around the edges of where some of the brothers and sisters of this part of the world socialise and attend.

Vestry meetings are looming, and the changed priorities of the churches from waiting for a new priest to whatever their new priorities will be. Money and people, I suspect, will be an area of interest.

The family are settling in - Peter with a date for the leavers' dance, Elly with her first sleepover and 'hang-about' down the town. Jack the cat has probably made the biggest impact on the neighbours, establishing his turf with a nearby tom-cat (current score Jack 1 - Tomcat 0) and with some of the smaller residents. He is a hunter by nature, and clearly believes in the 'catch-it, skin-it, eat-it' school of relationships. Except for the skinning bit of it. And the tails. Which he leaves. Anyway, the current score there is Jack 2 - rabbits 0. Not quite sure I approve of that, but a creature's nature is what God gave it (the gist of my sermon this morning).


  1. Have you managed to get to grip with the CalMac timetable yet. At you have a choice when going to Gourock and beyond with Western Ferries across the Clyde, or even take the "long way round" via the Rest and Be Thankful and the side of Loch Lomond.

    I guess as you settle down you will realise how much you parish activities are rules CalMac

  2. oh horrors! my rabbits. (they had names, you see; and got fed)

    But apart from that, I'm glad your settling in well.

  3. I'm not sure it makes it any better, but both were very young rabbits, probably descendents of yours. No - that probably makes it worse... :(

  4. You want an oral report on Synod? (Promise I won't be boring!)

  5. An oral report would be excellent - I skimmed the coverage online and listened to the presiding bishop's address - but it's not the same as being there!

  6. Dear Andrew,
    Awhile ago I subscribed to Blethers, and just today looked at it after a long time and saw her post about your arrival. I have been friends with Ian and Frankie Marsh, so when I saw your connection to Gloucester I decided to send you this welcome message to your new ministry. I love your blog name. An ancestor on my mother's side was imprisoned in Dunnottar before being banished to the New Jersey Plantations in 1685 for refusing to swear fealty to James II. Pob bendith (Every blessing) in your new work. Bill +