Friday 18 November 2011

What do clergy do on their day off?

Hang gliding? Reading non-orthodox theology books? Lying in a sensory deprivation tank whilst whale-song is played through a set of noise cancelling earphones?

All sorts I suppose.

Today I took the guts out of eldest daughter's netbook, tried my best to solder the cracked power connection (I give a few days before it needs doing again - my soldering iron is getting on a bit, as am I) and checked the run of the screen feed cable for snags and cracks. It now seems to be working.

So what do clergy do on their day off? The same sorts of things that ordinary people do on their days off. Because we are just as ordinary as everyone.


  1. Is the repair of netbooks a service which all clergy can be expected to offer from now on? A way, perhaps to appeal to a new congregation?

    Steve W

  2. Sadly, that would exclude Apple enthusiasts - we are an inclusive church...