Friday 19 September 2014

Resuming normal service?

I haven't blogged much for quite a while, and even my blipping has taken a back seat for a few weeks ( A mix of referendum intensity, personal busyness and just the sheer volume of 'stuff' can get in the way of public reflection (my excuses anyway). But I am sat on the platform of Oxford railway station about to travel back to a post-referendum Scotland after four days of retreat (counting the journey, which I do), so I feel sufficiently recharged to begin again. It's also not entirely not to do with the row I got from a wonderful former colleague for having gone quite so quiet.  So the midges need to start dancing again.

Some reflections on the referendum will follow, although there is much intensity of emotion and close watching of responses that need handled with care. And my personal journey through ministry, and its place in the Scottish Episcopal Church and other structures may benefit from some 'shop window' treatment again. 

So here we go again!

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