Monday 30 March 2015

Blogging Holy Week: Monday

The first part of this week is a waiting time, between Palm Sunday and the Triduum ahead of us. There are attempts at a structure to the biblical accounts, making what are not intended to be coherent events coherent.

What was Jesus doing? What did his followers make of this time? The gospels give us temple cleansing (not John, of course, where this is much earlier), teaching, some miracles. And threats. The steady growing of the threat to Jesus' life.

Today, as a modern day religious leader, we have photocopying, populating rotas for dramatized passions, encouraging other service leaders and musicians and pushing all for attendance at ecumenical services.  And a funeral. And all the usual pastoral niggles and delights.  It is a time of busyness, and waiting, and looking forward to the race through the end of the week. And to the golden day at the end.  And to the holiday after the end of that.

But today, on Monday of Holy Week, we photocopy, fold, phone and prepare...


  1. I remember it well. It can be hard to hold on to the full meaning in all the busyness.